Welcome little cooks & associated grown ups!  I do hope you have all had a great start to the year and are settling in well to your new classes.

We had a wonderful culinary trip around the world in January and so many little cooks took on new challenges and met them with awesome results.

So lets just mix it up for April and have some fun:

Mon - Bakers Day: Easter has only just passed, so I'm sure we can still sneak in some hot cross buns, focaccia loaves with decorative designs, lusciously rich brownies,  a selection of scones and healthy slices.

Tues - Lunch Box Day: We all love treats in our lunchbox! Rainbow inspired wraps and snacks, bliss balls, light as air quiches and energy bars

Wed - Izakaya Day: The Japanese equivalent of tapas! Gyoza, soba noodles with broth and fresh herbs, grilled yakitori skewers of sticky marinated chicken, vegetables & prawns, Edamame beans & sweet ginger meatballs

Thu - The Mystery Box Challenge! Ohh yes, finally! Each group or pair will be presented with a box of pantry and fresh ingredients, selected by myself and the team. You will then work together to create a dish within a set time frame.  There will be a morning lunch dish challenge and an afternoon tea challenge.

Fri - Mad Hatters Tea Party - let's just have some fun!  There are some crazy party food "Alice in Wonderland" inspired treat out there to be made.  The Queen of Heart Tarts, checkerboard sandwiches, tomato toadstools and mysteriously good lemonades. Bring a mad hat - dress as crazy as you like - parents included for the Friday wacky shared lunch.

So a bit of different line up this season.  There is something in every class for every skill level and we welcome new cooks everyday. The Mystery Box Challenge Day will be "supported" by each groups Team Leader to ensure a good result for all.

Dishes may be subject to change due to costs or availability.  Each day will have vegetarian, gluten free and dairy options available

Each morning starts with a health and safety briefing, covering kitchen hygiene, kitchen safety, knife safety, location of first aid kits and instructions around evacuation and earthquake procedures.

Then we're straight into the prep for the shared lunch and often we make a dish for the morning tea.

After morning tea, we continue with the preparation of multiple dishes for a shared lunch each day, which is served between 12pm to 1pm - depending on how the morning goes. We don't rush to be ready for a specific time frame - until Friday, when the parents come to lunch!  After lunch the afternoons are more relaxed - we recognise that it is the children's holiday break and they have options around garden activities, craft, slime making (100% natural slime, no chemicals involved) and cooking. 

Classes are $65 per day or $295 for the entire week, all food (incl. lunch & morning tea) craft, gardening supplies included.  If your child is gluten free, rather than charge more, we sometimes might ask for a donation of a type of flour or GF product we're getting low on - as we know these items are a bit more expensive.

We do ask that children bring a container to take home samples each day and a few recycling items for gardening and craft adventures in the afternoons, these details are sent via email in the week prior to classes.

For those keen to attend both weeks, there are so many dishes prepared each day, you won't repeat the same dishes the following week.

Please see attached booking forms at the top of this page, or feel free to email me via the contact page on this website.

Kindest regards,

Helen McNamara