JANUARY Holiday Programme 2020

Welcome little cooks & associated grown ups!  We are heading into a new year with a whole new batch of recipes and challenges.

Recognising that we have to many returning cooks each season, we have tested out some great new recipes and are including a more advanced dish each day for those ready for new experiences.  We are off around the world again on a cultural culinary adventure each day, with a selection of recipes to choose from, making many dishes a day, some adapted to your own tastes.  We like the little cooks to have choices around the dishes they prepare, yet still challenge them with new cooking and taste experiences everyday.

Mon - Middle East / Mediterranean: falafal, kibbeh, soft cheese making (labne) with lavash crackers, spicy chicken wing, tabbouleh and Middle Eastern spiced Lemonade

Tue - France: souffle, ratatouille, gratin dauphinois, salad nicoise, jamon croque monsieur, brioche, mille-feuille and citron tarts

Wed - America: chilli dogs, corn salads, southern biscuits with southern fried chicken, pecan pie and a lime green tutu!

Thu - Italy: chicken cacciatore, risotto, focaccia & olive breads, lemon orzo, ensalada caprice, aranchini and Italian lemon cookies

Fri - India: chicken korma, fish kofta, spicy kebabs, pulao coconut rice, naan bread, Indian sweet treats and yoghurt lassi

Dishes may be subject to change due to costs or availability.  Each day will have vegetarian, gluten free and dairy options available.

This season we are introducing a half hour in the mornings where we will get the students to right the recipes down, either in their own recipe books, or we will provide an exercise book.  We believe this may go a long way to them understanding the recipes better and being more prepared before they start cooking.  Once they get into groups and the room becomes a bit noisier, it is hard for them to concentrate on reading through the recipe and working out who is doing what.

Then after morning tea, we will get busy with the preparation of multiple dishes for a shared lunch each day.  After lunch the afternoons are more relaxed - we recognise that it is the children's holiday break and they have options around garden activities, craft, slime making (100% natural slime, no chemicals involved) and cooking.

Classes are $65 per day or $295 for the entire week, all food (incl. lunch & morning tea) craft, gardening supplies included.
We do ask that children bring a container to take home samples each day and a few recycling items for gardening and craft adventures in the afternoons, these details are sent via email in the week prior to classes.

For those keen to attend both weeks, there are so many option of dishes each day, you won't repeat the same dishes the following week

Please see attached booking forms at the top of this page, or feel free to email me via the contact page on this website.